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Classes by Norm and Ruth Dobbins

An Intensive 4-day class taught by Norm and Ruth Dobbins!

In this exciting, hands-on class you'll learn all 3 major glass etching techniques, many special 'trade secret' techniques, all about glass etching equipment and important business information about glass etching.

You'll learn...

  • Fast, efficient etching techniques for clear glass, mirror, flashed & stained-glass, glassware.
  • Multi-stage carving techniques for striking 3-dimensional effects.
  • Plus... the beautiful and little-known airbrush style multi-stage shading technique.
  • Special Bonus - how to use controlled glue chipping and secrets of special effects.

In this seminar, you will also learn about design for all 3 types of glass etching - even if you are not and 'artist'. In addition, photo resist etching techniques are presented and you will complete at least 2 projects using photo resist. A very important feature of the class is discussion of the business of glass etching, including how to price and sell your work, marketing suggestions and product ideas from architectural glass to awards. During this comprehensive class, over 100 slides are shown with beautiful contemporary etched glass artwork to inspire your imagination!

With the knowledge and experience gained in this class, you could open your own glass etching business, as many others have. No prior etching experience is required before taking this class.

Features of this intensive class:

  • You will complete up to 10 projects, in 3 techniques
  • You will learn glue chipping & special resist tricks
  • You will learn how and when to etch on tempered glass as well as annealed glass
  • You will learn everything you need to know about sandblast equipment
  • You will learn principles of how to photograph your etched work
  • You will learn how to price and sell your work
  • You will receive a full notebook of notes, articles, photos, patterns, and list of suppliers
  • You will receive a Professional Seminar Certificate

About Norm & Ruth Dobbins:
They have been etching glass for over 25 years and have taught glass etching to over 4000 students from all over the US and over 30 countries in the past 20 years. They have taught in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, and Canada. Many of their students have gone on to establish successful careers in glass etching.

Authors as well as instructors, Norm & Ruth have published a set of 4 instructional videotapes on glass etching and 4 books (including the only full color book ever published on the subject). They have written more articles (over 75) for glass and award industry trade magazines than anyone in the business, and they are the only instructors to have taught at industry trade shows in all industries involved in etching glass. They are considered the experts in the field and their advice is sought by the largest companies in the business, as well as the smallest!

In addition to their teaching and writing activities, Norm & Ruth also maintain a full scale etching studio and are starting a glass etching school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For further information and to register, call
Professional Glass Consultants: (505) 473-9203 or fax: (505) 473-9218
or visit: www.EtchMaster.com

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