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Welcome to Glastar's Art Gallery!

We are honored and privileged to provide this space to recognize the stained glass artists who use Glastar products. Many have used unique techniques when following their creative path in art glass. Some have come up with unusual solutions to problems that stained glass artists have faced through the ages.

Regardless, you will find that each of these art glass pieces is of exceptional merit. Enjoy!

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The Glastar Art Gallery is divided into five categories:

Panel - In this category, you'll see installed windows, hanging panels, sun catchers, professional name plates, and other unusual ãflat leaded or foiled glass creations of various shapes.

3D - In this category, you'll see traditional (and not so traditional) lamps, sculptures, boxes, masks, and other unique three-dimensional glass creations using lead or foil.

Mosaic - In this category, you'll see stepping stones, table tops, floors, walls, pottery, and other exceptional art glass in which pieces of glass have been set in a matrix or 'bonding' medium.

Sandblast/Bevel - In this category, you'll see recognition of the extraordinary use of sandblast carving, abrasive etching and bevel elements in art glass.

Hot Glass - In this category, you'll see beautiful art glass pieces using primarily hot glass techniques. The artists featured in this category have all used one or more Glastar products in their creations.

Each category opens with 'thumbnails' of each art glass piece. When you click on the thumbnail, you'll see a bigger picture of the piece with information on how it was made and who made it.

For information on how to enter Glastar's Art Glass Competition

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