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Dealer Support Program Benefits
To apply for our Dealer Support Program, click here

Benefits of the Dealer Support Program

Thank you for your interest in Glastar products! Our quality products are backed by the best customer service in the industry. Here are some ways we support our qualifying (DSP) retailers.

Merchandising Support · Art Glass Competition Tie-In
Classroom Upgrade Program · Web Site Wish List

Merchandising Support:

  • A Glastar Literature Holder
    An attractive Lucite display for Glastar brochures.
  • 35 Glastar Brochures
    When you run out, just tell us and we'll send replacements ASAP.
  • A Glastar Window Sticker
    Your customers know you carry the products they want.
  • A 'Why Buy Glastar' Laminated Stand-up
    To place with your Glastar display.
  • A Glastar Apron
    For use in your art glass classroom
  • A Once-A-Year 'Special' Package of Glastar Tools & Educational Materials
    Valuable for promotional events, door prizes, raffles, and goodie bags. Request must be in writing on your store's stationery at least one month before your event.
  • A CD-ROM of our Hobby Products
    In .tif format for print use such as newsletters or flyers, and .jpg format for web site or e-mail use. This item is available upon request.

The Art Glass Competition:

  • A Laminated Pin-Up
    Hang on the classroom wall to encourage customers to enter the competition.
  • A Pad of 35 Official Entry Forms and Rules
    Customers can get these only from you. When you run out, just tell us; and we will promptly send replacements.
  • Art Glass Competition Flyers
    These can be placed in your classroom; encourage your customers to enter the competition. Then when you run out, just tell us; and we will promptly send replacements.
  • Glastar's Web Site Art Gallery
    All entries to Glastar's Art Glass Competition - winners or not - are proudly displayed in Glastar's web site Art Gallery.

Glastar's Classroom Upgrade Program:

We firmly believe the grinder a student uses in class, is the grinder they purchase for their own use. Therefore, we offer a one-time classroom rebate. These grinders are for use in your classroom; not to be resold to your students. To be eligible for the 20% rebate, just send us, by mail or fax, copies of the invoice from your distributor showing a recent purchase of up to four Glastar grinders (any model and/or any combination of four Glastar grinders).

Glastar's Web Site 'Wish List':

Glastar's 'Wish List' feature is more than just a store finder; it enables a customer to compile a list of their favorite Glastar products. Next, the customer's contact information, and product list is sent to you by e-mail. In addition, your store contact information is available to the customers. Only DSP retailers are included on the 'Wish List'.

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To apply for our Dealer Support Program, click here

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