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If you have no etching experience and want to learn all the glass etching techniques, here is where you start! Even many people who have been surface etching for years (but no carving or shading) start here. The Professional Glass Etching Seminar is an intensive 4-day hands-on class covering all three major abrasive etching techniques. This includes surface etching, multi-stage carving, and multi-stage shading. Complete up to 10 projects in this exciting class and learn all about glass etching equipment. In addition, this class covers special techniques and tricks-of-the-trade like controlled glue-chipping, use of photo-resists and use of pre-cut resists.

No prior experience is required to take the class, since it starts from the basics. However, the class quickly progresses beyond beginner techniques into the more advanced techniques on the first day. If you have already been etching glass for several years, but have not yet mastered the multi-stage techniques of carving and shading, this is the class for you. Each technique is presented by explanation, demonstration, then hands-on practice by participants.

The first half of the first day, we cover surface etching techniques and glass etching equipment. Students produce a surface etched piece to get comfortable with operating the equipment and to explore the surface etching process. Then, we start with basic multi-stage glass carving techniques on a sample project. The second day is spent completing a more elaborate multi-stage carving, and students prepare the piece for glue chipping a border on the third day. During the second day, we introduce etching on mirror and etching on special kinds of stained glass, like iridized glass

On the third day, students start the process of controlled glue chipping to create glue chipped elements throughout their carved project. Primary concentration on the third day is the introduction to the multi-stage shading process, with a sample project. On the last day, use of photo resist and pre-cut resist is introduced. Several projects are completed with these special resists, and there is a thorough discussion of pricing and marketing of etched lass for those interested in selling their work.

Many slides of beautiful etched glass from artists around the world are shown throughout the class. Students receive full notebooks of reference material and articles and all materials and supplies for class projects are included. If you are interested in learning etching, contact Glastar Corp for more information, & don't miss this great class!



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