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Our Sandblasting and Bevel product lines are sold direct to you from Glastar Corporation -
To ORDER NOW or for more information on these products, e-mail your Wish List to Glastar, or call (800) 423-5635 or (818) 341-0301 (fax) 818 998 2078.
Water Separators


When air is compressed, the humidity in the air is concentrated into a smaller area, frequently condensing inside the blasting pot and/or air hoses. This will consistently cause moisture clogs in your sandblaster if you haven't taken adequate precautions. If the area in which you live regularly has humidity levels over 50% during part or all of the year, you should be using a high efficiency water separator in addition to the medium efficiency separator supplied with your Glastar pressure sandblaster.

These extractor/dryers are among the best available today. They provide full 2 stage filtration plus a coalescing effect for highest efficiency. The filter elements are inexpensive and easily replaceable.


Model 520
Rated up to 15 CFM for limited air supply (up through 4 hp)
Model 107
Rated up to 50 CFM for larger air supply (5 hp and over)

Water Separator:
1/4" 15 CFM Water ExtractorProduct #S36511 Price: $109.00 Add to Wish List
1/2" 50 CFM Water ExtractorProduct #S36514 Price: $262.00 Add to Wish List
Lamans Cartridge Service Kit 15SK-520Product #S36526 Price: $47.75 Add to Wish List
Lamans Cartridge Service Kit 50SK-107Product #S36525 Price: $65.00 Add to Wish List

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