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A very old technique that is surprisingly easy to master in which flakes of glass are chipped from the surface of the sheet. The result is a feathery, fern-like, textured pattern, which allows the artist one more dimension in the design of their glass creation.


Where It's Used
Chipped glass can be an individual design on its own or cut up and incorporated into a stained glass window. It can be chipped as a border around an etching. Use it as a graphic design on tabletops, room dividers, windows and mirrors. It is becoming very popular in making custom signs. Clear, cathedral and flashed glass can all be used for chipping.

How To Do It
First the surface that is to be chipped must be sandblasted. This roughens the glass so that the glue will adhere to the surface. Next, glue is mixed with water and heated and then applied to the sheet.

This glue is a special animal product. It acts exactly the opposite of a modern glue. It shrinks as it dries. Therefore, as it dries, it exerts a non-uniform pull on the glass and begins to lift itself away from the surface and in the process pulls away small chips of glass. To hasten the drying, a dessicant is added near the end of the process. It is simple, but requires some practice to achieve consistent results.

Beginners Glue-Chipping Kit
This kit contains all of the constituents necessary to glue-chip approximately 20 square feet (1.858 sq. meters) of glass, as well as a very clear instruction booklet. It includes the following materials:

  • Chipping Glue - 2 lbs. (.9072 kg)
  • Bulk Dessicant - 1lb. (.4356 kg)
  • Indicating Gel - 1 oz. (28.35 g)
  • Instruction Booklet
Glue Chipping:
Beginers Kit Product #S37053



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Hide Glue 10 lbs.*Product #S37050-10



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Desiccant 5 lbs.**Product #S37051-5



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Indicating Gel 4 oz.**Product #S37052-4



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Glue Chip Instruction Booklet Product #S36714-A Price: $8.65 Add to Wish List 

*Yields approximately 100 square leet (9.29 sq. meters). Costs less than 50 cents per foot.

**This is reusable indefinitely.

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