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Our Sandblasting and Bevel product lines are sold direct to you from Glastar Corporation -
To ORDER NOW or for more information on these products, e-mail your Wish List to Glastar, or call (800) 423-5635 or (818) 341-0301 (fax) 818 998 2078.

Model 2533 Blasting Cabinet

The "Affordable" Cabinet


The least expensive blasting system available for glass decorating. Perfect for trophies and other small projects. Blasting chamber accepts glass panels as large as 25" x 33"

Huge Cabinet: Automatically recycles abrasive

Easy to Use: Includes well-illustrated instructions. Pour abrasive into cabinet hopper though top loading door, place hands in glove, and just pull the trigger

Fully Assembled: Just a quick installation of bolts on the hopper and legs and your ready to blast.

Attached Abrasive Hopper: 18: deep with a spring loaded trap door for easy clean-out

Low Cost Shipping: Arrives by UPS in two cartons weighing just 90 lbs total

Includes: Lens protector, a 2 1/2" ferrule for vacuum hook-up, a Model A high velocity blasting gun, 3 medium steel nozzles, and air jet and a light kit - 780 TL


Overall Height 55"
Box Working Height 19"
Box Working Width 30"
Box Working Depth 20"
Gauntlet Type Gloves 24" Long
Door Opening 14"w x 30"l
Air Requirements 7 CFM @ 80 PSI
Recommended Compressor
Minimum 3 HP 30 Gal Tank
Ideal 5 HP 60/80 Gal Tank



Reference Material

For assembly instructions and troubleshooting, click here.



2533 Sandblasting Cabinet:
Model 2533 Sandblast Cabinet w/ Siphon System Product #S36021



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Replacement Parts and Accessories
Lens Protector(3) Product #S36395 Price: $14.00  
Gloves 28" (gauntlets) Product #S36390 Price: $36.75  
Gloves 24" (gauntlets) Product #S36390-2 Price: $35.25  
Gloves 24" Rubber Product #S36392-1 Price: $23.65  
Glove Flanges Product #S36391-1 Price: $18.75  
Snap Rings Product #S36391 Price: $7.75  
Blow Down Nozzle Assembly Product #S36345 Price: $36.75  
Flexible Hose and Nozzle Assembly (for use inside cabinet ONLY) Product #S36344 Price: $68.75  
Abrasive Sifter Product #S36301 Price: $14.75  
Magnetic Base Lamp Product #S36675 Price: $66.95  
Squeeze Lever Shut-Off Product #S36337 Price: $93.25  



2533 Suggested System:
2533 Cabinet Product #S36021 Price: $640.00 Add to Wish List
100B-S Pressure Blaster with Air-Actuated Foot Switch Product #S36016 Price: $948.00 Add to Wish List
HEPA 100DC Dust Collector Product #S36037 Price: $538.00 Add to Wish List
Cyclone Dust Separator Head Product #S36320 Price: $32.50 Add to Wish List
Dust Separator Hose Product #S36381 Price: $25.00 Add to Wish List
Magnetic Base Lamp Product #S36675 Price: $66.95 Add to Wish List
Flexible Hose Assembly Product #S36344 Price: $68.75 Add to Wish List
Ceramic Nozzles (3/32") 1 dozen Product #S36309-12 Price: $59325 Add to Wish List
Abrasive Sifter Product #S36301 Price: $14.75 Add to Wish List
Silicon Carbide (120 grit) 50lbs Product #P35002-50 Price: $115.00 Add to Wish List


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