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Products > Sandblasting > Dust Collectors
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Dust Collector - Model 100 DC

A high volume dust collector is necessary in blasting cabinets and blast rooms to remove the dust created during the blasting process, providing much better visibility and minimizing your exposure to the dust. Dust collectors are far superior to vacuum systems in size of dust particles removed, volume of air processed, and life span of the motor. A dust collector should provide approximately 6 to 8 air changes per minute, and in a blast room 1 to 2 changes per minute. The number of air changes per minute is calculated by figuring the volume of the blast chamber in cubic feet and dividing that into the CFM rating of the dust collector.

The 100DC dust collector will work with most sandblast cabinets and is designed especially for the removal of airborne dust. This dust removal allows you better visibility for decorative blasting.

  • Unit comes with a fliter bag, a 5ft. hose and an attachment flange
  • Operates at 100 CFM with a 1/4 hp vacuum motor, 110v/220v
  • Self cleaning feature: when the motor is turned off, weights sewn into the filter bag forces it to fall, shaking the dust from the bag.
  • Monthly clean out of bottom container is recomended
  • Keep an extra filter bag on hand. Frequent replacement saves wear on the motor
Dust Collectors:
Model 100 DC 115V, 60HzProduct #S36036



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Model 100 DC 230V, 50HzProduct #S36036-1



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Dust Collector Replacement Parts:
Dust Collector Bag for 100DCProduct #S36383 Price $39.60 Add to Wish List 
Dust Collector Bag for 100DC Final Filter Bag (Safety)Product #S36383-1 Price $31.50 Add to Wish List 
HEPA Upgrade Kit for 100DC Dust Collector Product #S36383-2 Price: $110.00  
HEPA Filter Cartridge Product #S36383-3 Price: $59.40  
Replacement Motor - Flow Through Product #S36380 Price: $91.35  
Replacement Motor - By Pass Product #S36380-1 Price: $142.80  

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