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Bevel Star™ - All-In-One Grinding and Polishing Station

TO ORDER NOW: E-mail your Wish List and it will be sent to your local retailer or visit your local stained glass store in person. You can search our Retailers List for the store nearest you.

If you are a stained glass retailer, please check our Distributor List for a source near you, and feel free to check out our Dealer Support Program to be included on our Retailers List.



Create, repair and hand bevel glass projects yourself simply and easily with the Bevel Star™ System! A complete, multi-functional beveling station designed for grinding and polishing straight edges and outside curves.

Bevel Star comes with all the features you want. Direct water hook-up, with adjustable waterspout makes it easy to put water flow to any area of the grinding disc. Our splash guard controls overspray. The flush mount system allows you to use the entire 6" diamond grinding surface. And changing between grinding and polishing pads is quick and easy.



  • Powerful 1/4 hp Variable Speed Motor (0-2500 RPM)
  • Long Lasting Genesis™ Diamond Grinding Pads - (1) 120 grit and (1) 400 grit for roughing and smoothing
  • Efficient Direct Water Hook-up with Adjustable Water Spout
  • Convenient Flush Mount Disc System
  • Optical Quality Poyester Felt Polishing Pads with 1/2 lb. Cerium Oxide


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Model G15 Bevel Star:
G15 Bevel Star ™ Complete SystemProduct #32500Add to Wish List
G151 Bevel Star™ Complete System (230V 50Hz)Product #32520Add to Wish List
G15 6" 120 Grit Diamond PadProduct #32560Add to Wish List
G15 6" 400 Grit Diamond PadProduct #32570Add to Wish List
G15 6" Resin PadProduct #32580Add to Wish List
G15 6" Felt Polishing PadProduct #32590Add to Wish List
G15 6" Blank DiscProduct #32550Add to Wish List
Cerium Oxide (1/2 lb.)Product #32595Add to Wish List

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