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The "Project-A-Scope" - Pattern & Design Enlargement Projector

TO ORDER NOW: E-mail your Wish List and it will be sent to your local retailer or visit your local stained glass store in person. You can search our Retailers List for the store nearest you.

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Project-A-Scope is the perfect projector for art glass, needlepoint, art drawings, tole, fashion and signs. Enlarge your designs up to 15 times the original size, for easy tracing and pattern making.

Project a design from the page of a book, drawings, stamps, coins, a leaf, a photo, etc. Adjust the Project-A-Scope placement to create an image from 2-15 times original size. Reproduces any pattern up to 3 1/2 inches.

Project-A-Scope projects your image in full color or black and white - entirely without the need for film or negatives. You can even use it to project plans, charts, maps, etc. large enough to share with a group.

Compare These Features

  • The Project-A-Scope from Glastar is the original, and made in the U.S.A.
  • Space age plastic means the Glastar projector can use a 100 watt bulb - making it twice as bright as comparable projectors.
  • The optically perfect lens in the Glastar projector is capable of enlarging a pattern more than twice the size of other brands.
The Project-A-Scope is durable, lightweight, portable and easy to use. You're just three simple steps away from tracing your own custom patterns!
  1. Center the bottom opening over the design or object to be projected.
  2. Turn on the internal light source - a simple 100 watt bulb.
  3. Adjust the lens for sharp focus, or adjust the projector distance for sizing.
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