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Grinder Accessories

TO ORDER NOW: E-mail your Wish List and it will be sent to your local retailer or visit your local stained glass store in person. You can search our Retailers List for the store nearest you.

If you are a stained glass retailer, please check our Distributor List for a source near you, and feel free to check out our Dealer Support Program to be included on our Retailers List.

6" Replacement Discs

These discs are made specifically for grinding glass. Their superior design allows for efficient grinding, leaving the glass with a smooth finish.

6" Disc -

100 Grit/Coarse

Product #

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6" Disc -

180 Grit/Standard

Product #

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6" Disc -

360 Grit/Fine

Product #

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6" Disc -

600 Grit/Extra Fine

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Universal Mini Table

Attaches for convenient support when grinding with the 1/4" or 1/8" head. the table's water well supplies enough coolant for approximately 30 minutes of grinding.

Universal Mini Table Product #30760  Add To Wish List
Mini Table G8  Product #30860 Add To Wish List
Top Plates

Glastar Top Plate for Super Star II™ and Diamond Star™ Grinders (shown.) This sturdy top plate comes with inserts to accommodate both 1" and 3/4" grinding heads.

Molded Top Plate for G12 & G14 Product #30750 Add To Wish List
Molded Top Plate kit for G8 Product #30850 Add To Wish List
Molded Top Plate kit for G5 Product #30550 Add To Wish List
Molded Eye Shield

Made of hard polycarbonates; protects eyes and face from flying glass chips.

Molded Eye Shield Product #40800 Add To Wish List


Eye Shield Support

Glass, furnished by the user, lifts up and out of the support for easy cleaning. Accommodates 1/8" thick glass.

Glass Eye Shield Support Product #40810  Add To Wish List


To view the manual on the product, click here.

Straight Edge Guide

Permits the user to grind straight-sided rectangles or squares to an exact size.

Up to 6" for All-Star™, 3-3/4" for Super Star II™ and Diamond Star™


Straight Edge Guide Product #40950 Add To Wish List


Combination Edge Set

This inovative collection includes 3 different guides to meet your needs. And the best part is none of them require screws! Simply press the guide's pegs into the top plate of your grinder and your ready to go.

The Combination Edge Set come with an adjustable straight edge guide, a miter guide for creating 45° edges, and a lamp guide for creating 10° beveled edges.

Combination Edge Set Product #30820 Add To Wish List

For more information on this product, click here.
EZ-Grindä Coolant

More than a coolant, EZ-Grind™ is an advanced formula lubricant that dramatically extends the life of all diamond grinding surfaces. Makes for easy clean up.


EZ-Grind™ Coolant (8 oz.) Product #42120  Add To Wish List


Grinder Accessory Kit

Finally, all those little grinder parts in one convenient kit! Now, you will always have extras on hand when you need the.

Grinder Accessory Kit Product #30560 Add To Wish List

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