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Design Books For the Glass Artist
       6 Sets of Paperback books with more than 14,000 illustrations
Glastar will soon no longer be carrying this product, so get yours while they last!


These 6 sets of paperback design books have been selected specifically for the glass artist and total more than 14,000 illustrations. Each set represents a popular motif. Most illustrations are line drawings which make them well suited for stained or etched glass patterns. All designs may be used freely since there are no copyright restrictions.


    Book Titles Remaining:

       Book Titles No Longer In Stock:

  • Birds
  • Art Nouveau
  • Stained Glass
  • Flowers
  • Frames & Borders
  • Historical Design Resources


American Indian

North American Indian Designs for Artists and Crafts people by Eva Wilson. 128 pages containing 364 illustrations from pottery, blankets, baskets, beadwork, clothing, etc.

Authentic Indian Designs, edited by Maria Naylor. 219 pages containing over 2500 illustrations, the largest collection available.

American Indian Design and Decoration, by Le Roy H. Appleton. 277 pages containing over 700 art samples from the Inca. Maya, Navajo, Hopi, Apache, and other cultures.

Decorative Art of the Southwestern Indians, by Dorothy S. Sides. 101 pages containing nearly 300 illustrations from 13th Century to contemporary Pueblo art motifs.

Pueblo Designs: The Rain Bird, by H.P. Mera. 113 pages containing 176 drawings tracing the evolution of the distinctive Rain Bird, as well as other Pueblo motifs.

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Sea Life

Shells of the World Coloring Book, by L. DeLeiris. 45 line drawines of 100 different seashells, all with full-color plates tor reference.

Tropical Fish Coloring Book, by Stefan Bernath. Line drawings of 41 different species of tropical fish and 26 varieties of marine plants, plus full-color reference plates.

Fish and Sea Life Cut & Use Stencils, by Ted Menten. 62 full-size stencils printed on heavy-duty stencil board. Perfect for etching.

Seashore Life Coloring Book, by Anthony D'Attilio. 46 pages of line drawing depicting 150 forms of marine life. Complete with full-color reference plates.


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Oriental Designs

Japanese Cut & Use Stencils, by Theodore Menten. 53 traditional flower, bird, and human motifs printed of sturdy stencil board.

Oriental Flower Designs and Motifs, by Ming-ju Sun. 96 pages of beautifully executed line drawings including full-page designs and spot motifs.

Traditional Chinese Designs, edited by Stanley Appelbaum. Over 200 authentic designs, including floral, geometric, abstract, mythological, and water motifs.

Traditional Japanese Design Motifs, by Joseph D'Addetta. 264 line drawings of authentic Japanese design motifs taken from ceramics, textiles, lacquerwork, screens, fans, etc.

Chinese Cut-Paper Designs, selected by Theodore Menten. 269 authentic samples of this exquisite folk-art form, includ-ing birds, flowers, pandas, dancers, children, lanterns, etc. All are printed in solid colors.

Japanese Prints Coloring Book, by Ed Sibbett, Jr. 38 line renderings of original Japanese Ukiyo-e, or "pictures of the passing, floating world" including samurai warriors, lovers, and landscapes.

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Art Deco

Art Deco Designs and Motifs, by Marcia Loeb. Over 100 designs taken from architecture, jewelry, fabrics, stained glass, and other media. Includes a highly stylized alphabet.

Original Art Deco Designs, by William Rowe. 72 b&w and 8 color plates of fantastic and inspiring stars, squiggles, borders, lines, forms, and alphabets by contemporary artist William Rowe.

New Art Deco Borders and Motifs, by William Rowe. 72 more b&w illustrations of geometric forms and floral elements executed with wit and vitality by contemporary artist William Rowe.

The Art Deco Style, by Theodore Menten. 468 illustrations of vorks by 175 artists, architects, and designers. Includes gar-dens, dwellings, furniture, fabric, sculpture, graphics, etc.

Art Deco Spot Illustrations and Motifs, by William Rowe. 513 original designs by the leading contemporary practitioner of the Art Deco style. Includes bird, insect, floral, geometric, and abstract forms.

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Glass Etching Designs

Glass Etching by Robert A. Capp and Robert Bush. A brief guide to glass etching and 46 patterns of birds, butterflies, cats, flowers, corners and borders.

Designs for Glass Etching by Robert G. Bush. 49 attractive designs specially chosen for the sandblast etcher.

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Holiday And Christmas Designs

Holiday and Special Occasions Stencils by Ed Sibbeit Jr. Collection of 89 stencils for every holiday of the year- Christmas reindeer/Halloween witches/Valentine hearts/Birthday clowns etc.

Christmas Stencils by Ed Sibbett Jr. 61 stencils of Santa, sleighs, deer, Christmas trees, candles and more.

Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments by Carol Belanger Grafton. Over 100 Christmas ornaments designed as stained-glass pieces.

Christmas Stained Glass Designs by Theodore Menten. 16 traditional Christmas images such as holiday scenes, candles, toys and Santa.

Snow Flake Designs by Mack Fraga. Exquisite snowflake stencils of every shape and description lend themselves to a multitude of uses.

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