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                            Grinders & Accessories

                                     See why Glastar Grinders are the best you can buy!!

Vea Por Que Glastar Es La Mejor Opcion De Compra!!


Our diamond glass grinders are the finest in the industry! Every machine carries a 5-year

"no-fault" warranty, and is UL listed. This means our grinders have undergone rigorous testing for safety at UL laboratories and are manufactured under UL inspection. Only equipment that has passed all these tests is entitled to display the UL logo.


TO ORDER NOW: E-mail your Wish List and it will be sent to your local retailer or visit your local stained glass store in person. You can search our Retailers List for the store nearest you.

If you are a stained glass retailer, please check our Distributor List for a source near you, and feel free to check out our Dealer Support Program to be included on our Retailers List.



           The All-Star ä - Professional Performance Grinder

          The Super Star II ä - Premium Grinder For Hobbyists


           The Diamond Star ä - High Efficiency Beginners Grinder

             The Bevel Star ä - All-In-One Grinding and Polishing Station

         The Disc Grinder ä - The Tool For Truing Up Straight Edges


Grinding Heads


       Diamond Grinding Heads      Jewelry Grinding Head

          Specialty Heads           Bead Reamers


                                 Grinding Accessories


6" Discs                                        EZ-Grind ä Coolant 


   Universal Mini Table        Top Plates


  Molded Eye Shield           Glass Eye Shield Support



 Straight Edge Guide       Combination Edge Set



                                                   Grinder Accessory Kit







Grinding Tools

Glasfoiler ä                     Hand Foilers & Crimper



Glas-Snappers™                               Glasflux ä


  Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner                    Soldering Iron Control                                


 Glass Square                                         Griffi™ Glassgripper


  Ringstar™                  Stripper & Circle Cutter


Diamond Coated Drills                Lead Vise


  Stanton Stretcher ™            Adjustable Rail System


  Project-a-scope ä                           Glass Design Books


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