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Our Sandblasting and Bevel product lines are sold direct to you from Glastar Corporation -
To ORDER NOW or for more information on these products, e-mail your Wish List to Glastar, or call (800) 423-5635 or (818) 341-0301 (fax) 818 998 2078.
Model B8 - Small Shape Beveler

Grinding Heads: First, it's necessary to understand that with this style beveling machine, the operator switches back and forth between roughing and smoothing heads with each "lot" of bevels. Using the Glastar machine, the grinding depths on both heads are set initially, and then they are locked. With the Glastar design, the heads can be changed in seconds and no adjustment is required. Using the Federal Bevel machine, every time the heads are changed, the grinding depth must be reset - a very time-consuming task. The Glastar B8 comes with one set of beveling heads; one each of 70 mesh and 600 mesh heads. After the heads have been used a few months, they should be returned to Glastar, for surfacing.

Ultra Simple Controls: A single, conveniently-located switch turns the motor and pump on or off simultaneously. The motor includes a brake so that it stops instantly when the power is turned off. Consequently, it's not necessary to wait for the head to coast to a stop to make a grinding depth adjustment.


"CASCADE" Coolant Recirculation System: The system includes a mounting cart on wheels, a 1/5 HP Graymills industrial pump, four 5-gallon buckets and all plumbing. The system fits within the B8. With the Cascade system, it is never necessary to clean the settling tanks. After several weeks, when they fillup with ground glass debris, just throw them away. They are very inexpensive plastic buckets. Other systems require nightly cleaning. This very simple, NEW idea saves a great deal of maintenance and totally eliminates all filters - another expense.

The B8 can be purchased without the Cascade system if a simple water-in, water-out scheme is preferable. However, one of the big advantages of a recirculating system is that a glass grinding lubricant can be added to the water. This improves grinding speed and adds life to the grinding head.

Work Surface: Glastars surface is perfectly smooth without any screwholes. It is 5/8"-thick solid steel and has a unique finish which allows the glass to slide easily without sticking.

A Front Drawer: This provides very handy storage for grinding heads and tools.

Electrical Safety: All of the wiring, enclosures and connections in the Model B8 meet the requirements of the National Electric Code. The motor is thermally protected and a circuit breaker provides ground fault isolation.

The Grinding System & Collet Assembly

The Grinding System is composed of the following:

1. Work Surface: Made of a specially coated steel alowing the glass to slide over it with little effort

2. Fence: This has two functions. First, it keeps water from getting into the bearings. Second, it is the "stop" that the glass is pushed against as it is passed under the rotating grinding head

3. Drive Shaft: A very simple design that utilizes a cross pin to drive the collet assembly. A brake keeps the shaft from rotating when the power is off. This facilitates changing heads. The drive shaft revolves at 7000 RPM

4. Water Slinger: The coolant that is thrown off the grinding head i8s diverted back to the work table by the water slinger's shape. Consequently, very little coolant is sprayed into the air

5. Pair of Spanner Wrenches: These are used to tighten or loosen the locking ring on the collet assemblies

6. Collet Assemblies: There are two assemblies available. One is for roughing and the other for smoothing. The two polishing steps are accomplished on a traditional upright polishing machine such as Glastar's model B2

The Collet Assembly is composed of the following parts:

A. Adjustment Screw: This contacts the top of the drive shaft and fixes the height of the grinding head above the work surface. Whenever the glass thickness changes, this screw must be reset. There are 2 screws provided. The shorter one accommodates glass thicknesses from 1/8" to 3/8". Use the longer one for glass 1/2" to 1" thickness.

B. Adjustment Screw Lock: This is tightened against the collet with a pair of pliers to keep the adjustment screw from moving

C. Collet: This is the frame of the assembly. The cross pin in the drive shaft fits into the slots in the collet and keeps the assembly from roting on the shaft

D. Collet Lock: Screws onto the collet; and when tightened, it compresses the collet on the drive shaft. This keeps the assembly from moving up or down on the drive shaft

E. Grinding Head: The head is mounted to the collet with four screws. It is only necessary to remove the grinding head from the collet when you wish to produce a different bevel width

Cascade Coolant Recirculating System
The system is composed of the following:

1. CART: this is provided so that the coolant system can easily be moved in and out of the machine to replace buckets. The cart has three different levels so that the first bucket is elevated above the second, and the second is elevated above the pump bucket.

2. FOUR BUCKETS: are provided. The fourth is a spare. If more are needed, they are available in any paint store; and they are very inexpensive.

3. FLEXIBLE SPOUTS: These are made so they can easily be removed and replaced when the buckets are changed.

4. PUMP: a high output, 208-240 Volt 50/60 Hz, industrial grade that will furnish several times more coolant flow than is required. Whenever the main control switch is turned ON, the pump is ENERGIZED. The output of the pump goes to a conveniently located control valve next to the drawer. Once the proper volume of coolant has been adjusted on the control valve, the flow will remain constant.


How the coolant system operates:


The pump shoots a stream of coolant through a hole in the work surface and directly on the grinding head. The coolant collects in the trough that surrounds the work surface and empties through a drain line into bucket #1. The coolant carries with it very fine particles of ground glass. Most of these particles will settle to the bottom of the first bucket. Bucket #1 then overflows through the spout into bucket #2. Additional particles settle there. Bucket #2 will overflow into the pump bucket. After several weeks of continuous use, the first bucket will have collected a considerable amount of residue. Replace bucket #1 with a clean bucket.

The full bucket can either be thrown out (bucket cost is approximately $3.00) or allowed to dry for a week or so. Once the residue is hard, turn the bucket upside down and hit the bottom. The hard block of glass residue should fall out so the bucket can be reused.

Eventually, bucket #2 and even the pump bucket will have to be replaced with clean buckets. This is an extremely simple filtration system. There is no nightly clean up required and there are no filters to change as with other systems. This feature alone will save you many hours of maintenance per week.


Grinding Heads
Bevel Widths Available In inches: 1/2, 3/4, 1
Bevel Angles Available Any angle from 14 to 5 degrees
                                 Drive Shaft
Rotation Counter Clockwise
Speed @ 50 or 60 Hz 7000 RPM
Collet Lock 2 Spanners (supplied)
Material Stainless Steel
Power 1-1/2 HP
Voltage @ 50 or 60 Hz 208V to 230V
Current 8A
Speed @ 60 Hz 3450 RPM
Type AC, Capacitor Start
Bearings Sealed Ball Bearings
Manufacturer Baldor
Shipping Weight 410lbs (186kg)
Work Surface Height 35 1/2" (90cm)
Work Area 18" x 18" (46cm x 46cm)
Floor Space 30" W x 35" D (76cm W x 89cm D)
Overall Height 53" (135cm)
Glass Thickness Bevels 3/16" to 1" (1.87cm to 2.54cm)



B8 Small Shape Beveler with a complete bevel system
Model B8 Product #P33412 Price: $6,300.00
170 Grit 1/2" roughing head Product #P34130-1-11-170 Price: $555.00
600 Grit 1/2" smoothing head Product #P34130-2-11-600 Price: $555.00
Collet roughing Product #P33490-1 Price: $240.00
Collet smoothing Product #P33490-2 Price: $240.00
Cascade coolant recirculating system Product #P33428 Price: $800.00
1 Gallon EZ Grind Coolant Product #P35215 Price: $40.00
1 Protective film Product #P34904 Price: $136.50




B8 Accessories
1/2" bevel head 170 or 600 grit (please specify degrees) Product #P34130 Price: $555.00
3/4" bevel head 170 or 600 grit (please specify degrees) Product #P34130 Price: $600.00
1" bevel head 170 or 600 grit (please specify degrees) Product #P34130 Price: $625.00
Coarse dressing stick Product #P34138 Price: $10.40
Fine dressing stick Product #P34137 Price: $10.40
Protective film 4"w x 60yds  6 rolls Product #P34903 Price: $130.00
Protective film 6"w x 60yds  4 rolls Product #P34904 Price: $130.00
Protective film 12"w x 60yds  2 rolls Product #P34905 Price: $130.00
Shape beveler diamond head adapter (for Bevel Master machines) Product #P34146 Price: $122.00
Head retruing - B8 Product #P34141 Price: $80.00
Head retruing - Bevelmaster Product #P34146 Price: $123.00
B8 Belt Product #P33550 Price: $20.00
B8 Fence Product #P33390 Price: $115.00

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