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Our Sandblasting and Bevel product lines are sold direct to you from Glastar Corporation -
To ORDER NOW or for more information on these products, e-mail your Wish List to Glastar, or call (800) 423-5635 or (818) 341-0301 (fax) 818 998 2078.
Model B7 - 12" Bench Polisher or Grinder
The B7 is meant for either diamond grinding or polishing. The one-inch mounting shaft, washers and nuts are all solid stainless steel and the wheel and belt guards are thick molded plastic so that rust will never be a factor. The shaft ball bearings are oversized, sealed and permanently lubricated. The motor is the best available-a Baldor "industrial-type" with ball bearings. Every aspect of this machine is over-designed to create a machine that will last trouble-free.

As a Polishing Station: For polishing, the B7 is fitted with 10" X 2" prepolish and final polish wheels. For prepolish, the most popular wheel is the synthetic composed of a fine grade of aluminum oxide embedded in Nylon fibers. This wheel requires only a water spray and has an extremely long life. The traditional choice for a prepolish wheel is cork (Glastar no longer carries this item.) A pumice slurry is applied to this wheel at frequent intervals. The final polish wheel is a wool felt. A cerium oxide slurry is applied to this wheel.

As a Production Grinding Station: The B7 is the ideal machine for grinding inside curves (or concave surfaces) using 8 or 10 inch diamond wheels. The large 20" separation between the wheels allows two operators to work on the machine at the same time. The machine's biggest advantage over other units is its small and unobtrusive belt guard, which does not interfere with the work piece regardless of its shape.

Wheel Speeds: On any machine of this type, wheel sizes should be the same on both sides to minimize vibration. The B7 can be ordered with a variety of pulley combinations which will generate practically any shaft speed between 320 and 3450 RPM. The pulleys can easily be changed in the field to produce a speed different than that originally ordered.

For Grinding-When used with 8" or 10" diamond wheels, the speed is set at 1800 RPM.

For Polishing-Irrespective of whether the machine is to be used with synthetic or cork prepolish, the felt dictates the speed. Therefore, with 10" wheels, the shaft speed is set at 600 RPM.


1. Motor: This 1/2HP motor is an "industrial" quality 115V Baldor with ball bearings

2. Wheel Guards: These guards will accept wheels as large as 12". They are molded polyethylene and come with sponge retainer and sponge. A guard can be removed in less than a minute for easy wheel changes

3. Double-Ended Mandrel: 8 1/2" high cast aluminum split frame with permanently sealed and lubricated industrial ball bearings. Arbor shaft is 1" x 24" ground stainless steel threaded left hand at one end and right hand at the other and includes collars, stainless steel nuts, and washers. Can easily be removed for pulley and belt changes (approximately 20 minutes)

4. Belt Guard: Heavy molded polyethylene housing that completely covers the belt

5. Base: Formica-covered 1" particle board with rubber feet

Drive Shaft
Mounting Diameter 1"
Lock Nuts 1" - 14 LH & RH
Material 303 Stainless Steel
Rotation Up & Away
Speed 600 RPM for 10"
Polishing Wheels
1800 RPM for 8" or 10"
Diamond Wheels
Power 1/2 HP
Electrical @ 60 Hz 115V
Electrical @ 50 Hz 230V
Speed @ 60 Hz 1725 RPM
Speed @ 50 Hz 1425 RPM
Manufacturer Baldor
Bearings Ball
Weight 65 LBS
Size 24 X 24 X 18

Optional Accessories

Glastar stocks a very large inventory of synthetic, horse hair and wool felt wheels, as well as diamond wheels, both nickel bond and metal bond.

A spray valve assembly can be mounted on each wheel guard for use on the synthetic prepolish or diamond wheels. The assembly consists of a ball valve, line filter, nozzle body, spray tip and the necessary tubing and fittings to connect the spray valve to either a faucet or the Glastar pump system.

The Glastar pump system recirculates cooling water. A coolant can then be added to the water which prolongs the life of the diamond wheels.

A double-ended mandrel is available as a separate component. It includes all shaft hardware and one 8" pulley and belt.

Model B7 polishing station:
Fixed Speed 115v, 60HzProduct #33325 Price: $1,350.00 Add to Wish List 
Fixed Speed 230v, 50/60HzProduct #33326 Price: $1,350.00 Add to Wish List 
B7 Polish Station Suggestion
B7 Upright Polishing Station Product #P33325 Price: $1,350.00
12" Diamond Resin Prepolish Wheel Product #P34173 Price: $146.00
12" Wool Felt Polish Wheel Product #P33895 Price: $436.50
5" Stainless Steel Washers (pair) Product #P33164 Price: $20.40


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