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Our Sandblasting and Bevel product lines are sold direct to you from Glastar Corporation -
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Model B1 - Production 20" Diamond Disc Grinder


For hand-beveling, cold-glass working and lapidary.

Diamond grinding has become, by far, the most popular way to grind glass or stone. Because it is so much faster than any other method, it pays for itself in a very short time. Just any machine won't necessarily do the job however.

The B1 was designed specifically to drive these discs vibration-free at the much higher speeds required by diamonds.


B1 drawing


1. Base: The frame is all welded construction using 2" heavy-duty 1/8" tubular steel. Machinery grade 3" adjustable levelers. Chip-proof powdercoat enamel. Individual switches for light, motor, pump. 8' line cord

2. Splash Guard: This very unique brush stops coolant spray that comes off the disc. It need not be removed for longer pieces, as the glass passes right through the bristles without affecting their ablility to stop the spray

3. Housing: Molded polyethlene which will not rust

4. Light: Industrial 100 watt Moffatt gooseneck lamp. Easily adjusts to any position

5. Coolant: Completely plumbed for use with either a recirculating pump or city water supply. This type of flexible spout makes it easy to diret a heavy stream of coolant to any area of the grinding disc

6. Drive Assembly: An ultra-precise ground 1" stainless drive shaft and a 3 3/4" stainless mounting flange provide a drive surface which totally eliminates vibration. The grinding disc is held in place by a countersunk screw, so that the grinding surface is totaly flat. Upper and lower ball bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated industrial grade

7. Motor: Fixed-speed motor is a 1 HP "industrial" quality Baldor, or the variable-speed motor is a permanant magnet "industrial" quality Magnetek

8. Speed Control: Comes only with the variable-speed motor. An electronic control that produces a constant torque and includes current limiting to protect both the permanent-magnet motor and control. By changeing the dial, the drive shaft speed is continuously varible between zero and 1100 RPM


Variable Vs. Fixed Speed

There are two models. A fixed-speed machine which is set at 1100 RPM, or a variable speed version which is adjustable from 1100 RPM to zero by just turning a knob.

1100 RPM results in a peripheral speed (in the working area on the disc) of 4500 ft/minute, which is the perfect speed for grinding glass. This can easily be changed in the field to accommodate other types of grinding media.

If the machine is going into a production beveling shop and will be used for only a single purpose, a fixed-speed model is probably the best choice.

The variable-speed model is preferable in the following situations:

1. If it is the only grinder in the shop, it should be as versatile as possible.If a polishing pad is to be used on the disc, a slower speed is preferable for polishing.A cold-glass working shop needs the ability to slow the disc for delicate pieces.

2. A lapidary shop prefers different speeds for different materials.


The B1 is designed for heavy production use.The precision-ground, one-inch mounting shaft and flange are solid stainless steel and the 1/2"-thick housing is molded fiberglass so that rust will never be a factor.The shaft ball bearings are oversized, sealed and permanently lubricated. The motor choices are the best available. The fixed-speed motor is a Baldor, with electronic starter. The variable-speed motor is a Magnetek. Its electronic speed control has current limiting to protect the motor and control.The base is 1/8"-thick steel tubing. Every aspect of this grinder is over-designed to create a machine that will last trouble-free.

Disc Size

There are primarily two diamond disc sizes used on the B1, 20" and 16". A production shop that will be grinding a good part of the week should be using 20" discs. If the usage is one day a week or less, then a 16" disc will be adequate unless, of course, the size of the work pieces require a larger disc.

Grit Size

For the rough grinding, an 80 or 100 grit is most popular, and for the smoothing step, a 360 or 600 grit. The 80 and 360 are usually used together, or the 100 and 600. As an economical first step, purchase a single B1 and switch the roughing & smoothing discs. It takes less than 30 seconds to change discs


Flush-Mount Discs

This unique mounting arrangement results in a completely flat grinding surface. This allows use of the total grinding surface without being concerned about the work piece striking a mounting nut. It also makes it very easy to turn the disc upside down so that the new adhesive-backed grinding or polishing pads can be used on the other side.


1. Glastar stocks a very large inventory of diamond discs and pads, polishing pads, natural-quarried stones, man-made stones.

2. An industrial pump is available so that coolant can be curculated over the diamonds which will improve their life by at least 10-15%. The Model B1 has a receptacle with its own on/off switch for the pump.


Drive Shaft

Mounting Diameter 1"
Hold Down Screw 5/8-11 Countersunk Allen Head
Allen Key (Supplied) 3/8"
Material 303 Stainless Steel
Rotation. Counter Clockwise
Speed Setting*  
Fixed Version 1100 RPM
Variable Version 1100 To Zero RPM
Fixed Speed Motor
Power 1 HP
Electrical @ 60 Hz 115V & 208V-230V
Electrical @ 50 Hz 230V
Speed @ 60 Hz 1725 RPM
Speed @ 50 Hz 1425 RPM
Manufacturer Baldor
Bearings Ball
Variable Speed Motor
Power 1 HP
Electrical @ 50 or 60 Hz 115V or 230V
Speed @ 50 or 60 Hz 1750 To Zero RPM
Type Permanent Magnet
  Electronically Controlled
Manufacturer Magnatek
Bearings Ball
Weight 175 Lbs
Size 25 1/2 X 25 1/2 X 37 High
(Excluding Lamp)
*Any maximum speed between 215 and 2300 RPM can be specially ordered or easily changed in the field on either version (approx. 30 min.)
Model B1 Roughing/Smoothing Mill:
B1 Fixed Speed 115v Product #P33492 Price: $2,470.00
B1 Fixed Speed 230v Product #P33493 Price: $2,720.00
B1 Variable Speed 115v Product #P33498 Price: $2,960.00
B1 Variable Speed 230v Product #P33494 Price: $3,200.00



Model B1 Suggested System:
B1 Varriable Speed 115v Product #P33498 Price: $2,960.00
20" 120 Grit diamond roughing pad Product #P34022 Price: $708.00
20" 400 Grit diamond smoothing pad Product #P34024 Price: $571.00
20" Diamond resin prepolish pad Product #P33923 Price: $265.50
20" Polyester felt polish pad Product #P34181-01 Price: $148.50
20" Magnetic pads (4) Product #P34076 Price: $224.00
20" Blank disc Product #P34144-42 Price: $640.75



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