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Products > Beveling > Suggested Systems
Our Sandblasting and Bevel product lines are sold direct to you from Glastar Corporation -
To ORDER NOW or for more information on these products, e-mail your Wish List to Glastar, or call (800) 423-5635 or (818) 341-0301 (fax) 818 998 2078.
Studio Beveling Suggested System
Below is a guidline to assist you in setting up your very own Studio Beveling System. Using the item list we have provided, you will be sure not to miss any important piece of equipment so you can get started right away!

Model B3 - For grinding/polishing of inside curves


Model B3 Upright Grinder Product #P33199 Price: $805.00
8" 100 Grit Roughing Wheel Product #P33912 Price: $336.00
8" 600 Grit Smoothing Wheel Product #P33882 Price: $220.00
8" Resin Prepolish Wheel Product #P34172 Price: $88.25
8" Felt Polish Wheel Product #P33906 Price: $102.75
                        Sub Total: $1,552.00



Model B4 - For grinding/polishing straight edges & outside curves


Model B4R Variable Speed Disc Grinder Product #P33369 Price: $945.00
8" 120 Grit Diamond Roughing Pad Product #P34002 Price: $115.75
8" 400 Grit Diamond Smoothing Pad Product #P34004 Price: $83.50
8" Diamond Resin Prepolish Pad Product #P33925 Price: $50.40
8" Polyester Felt Polish Pad Product #P34181-02 Price: $21.60
8" Steel Disc (4 @ $19.00 ea.) Product #P33986 Price: $76.00
                 Sub Total: $1,292.25





Recirculating Pump System Product #P33224 Price: $175.75
3 Way Water Hook-up Kit Product #P33223 Price: $38.75
1 Gallon EZ-Grind ä  Coolant Product #P35215 Price: $40.00
10lbs Glastar Premium Cerium Product #P35201-10 Price: $250.00
                  Sub Total: $504.50

Grand Total for complete Studio Beveling System:     $3,348.75




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