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Products > Sandblasing > Design Idea Books w/CD-ROM
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Design Idea Books with CD-ROM

From the beginer to the advanced glass artist, these books contain enough designs to make everyone happy! Hundreds of copyright-free patterns lets you mix and match to make something unique.

Each book is compatible with Macintosh® & Windows® for trouble-free use. The CD-ROMs contain high-quality, grayscale graphics scanned at 600 dpi and saved in several different formats to suit your needs.


Animal Illustrations:
CD-ROM and book
Electronic Clip Art

This an essential collection of copyright-free animal illustrations.

Carefully selected by Carol Belanger Grafton from rare 19th century sources, the meticulously detailed engravings portray an astonishing variety of animals - from lions, elephants and kittens to whales, eagles and lizards.



Floral Illustrations:
CD-ROM and book
Electronic Clip Art
Choose from a wealth of illustrations by Stefen Bernath depicting garden flowers, lavish bouquets, wreaths, sprays, vines and leaves.

North American Indian Motifs:
CD-ROM and book
Electronic Clip Art

Adapted by Maggie Kate from the art and artifacts of Native American tribes of the Southwest, Great Plains and Northwest, as well as the Maya and Aztecs.

Christmas Designs:
CD-ROM and book
Electronic Clip Art

A terrific collection of 107 different Yuletide related motifs.

Designed by Ed Sibbett, Jr., motifs include charming copyright-free images of Christmas trees, stockings, bells, wreaths, holly, gift packages and more.
CD-ROM Design Books
Animal Illustrations Product #S36716-1 Price: $12.40
Floral Illustrations Product #S36716-4 Price: $18.25
North American Indian Product #S36716-5 Price: $12.40
Christmas Designs Product #S36716-6 Price: $18.25







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